Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 so far.....

Well 2012 has not come quietly in the Nicholas family!! One of the main inconveniences was that Tom was in an accident and totaled our Kia! This mainly sucks because I hate car shopping so much and I feel like we have done it a lot lately, but on the bright side we can get a really cheap car and lower our debt just a little bit more. Speaking of debt, Tom will be starting his second job soon so that we can pay off most of our debt! This will be such a relief when he starts and we are estimating to have most of our debt payed off in 6 months woop woop!! It will be so nice not to have to worry about that anymore and then with baby #2 (no I'm not pregnant) I can stay home. Also Tom's sister has moved in with us and it has been so much fun. It's nice to have someone to back me up when Tom is being a brat (hee hee) and she is someone to hang out with when Tom is playing video games!! I also feel like I have an extra set of hand when it comes to my wild child :)  Azlynn is now walking and she is perfecting it a little more every day. She still falls and walks like she's drunk, but she has the concept. She just needs to build some confidence in this new skill of hers. This little girl will be turning 1 in four weeks WOW! Time truly does fly buy. I need to really start planning birthday!! Her turning 1 also means she will be off formula which will be amazing!! This little girl loves food! She has to eat everything that I am eating haha. She is getting her 4 top front teeth and once those come in then she will be able to eat a lot more variety of food, but as of now she only eats stuff that dissolves quickly or really tiny bits of what I'm eating. She is the funniest little girl and she is starting to look like a toddler now and no longer like my little baby. Here is a video of her walking:

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