Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wisdom teeth removed!

So on Friday I finally had my wisdom teeth removed after over 3 years of dealing with them! I was super nervous to get them out because I hate the dentist. So I went in at 9am and checked in with the front desk and the lady told me I wasn't in the computer. WHAT!?!?! I made this appointment over a month ago! So after asking me a billion questions and treating me like I was lying about having an appointment they finally asked if I would come back at 11:20am. So I went home and watched a movie until I had to come back. Well when I came back they got me all numb and pulled all 3 of my teeth within 40 minutes! At least they did something right;) So I got back home and didn't feel too bad at this point, but my mouth was still numb. They prescribed me Loratab for the pain, but they made me really sick! I kept throwing up until Saturday afternoon then I started taking Percocet instead which made me feel a lot better. I've just been feeling really weak and tired now and sleeping sucks because if I lay on one side too long then my jaw will start to throb. A silver lining to the whole thing is that it's only a little while longer of dealing with pain then I won't have to worry about my wisdom teeth ever again!! Well other than that little adventure, not too much has been happening. I found out that my brother and sister in law are also having a boy! I figure now the wave of boys are coming to even out all the girls in our family. I've been hiking a lot with my parents and hanging out with my crazy little girl. Azlynn is learning new stuff every day! She loves numbers and letters. She can say ten, tiger, bye, a, e, t, s, p, mommy, daddy, no, outside, and sorry. It's fun now that she is learning to talk. Also whenever Azlynn sees a pic of any animals, she will growl because she thinks all animals growl. She fake laughs (which is hilarious) and she fake cries. She loves to dance, yell at the top of her lungs and climb on anything she can. Overall she is a wild and crazy mini me and I love it! She also isn't very affectionate (also from me) which makes her daddy really sad sometimes, but I'm ok with it. I have lots of pictures and videos to share so brace yourselves......

You can kind of see the bottom holes where my wisdom teeth were removed

She's a rock star!

Walking around in mommy's shoes

Her morning hair

Her messy bun

Azlynn's adorable curls

This is a cool view. There's a shear cliff behind me

So presh

View looking down the waterfall

After we all slid into the freezing cold water

Dad at the waterfall

Reading the words off the TV
Azlynn doing her fake laugh

Azlynn dancing in the mirror

        Azlynn talking to her reflection