Friday, June 15, 2012

Been a while

So I haven't blogged in a while, but nothing has really happened that is blog worthy. Well I will start back on Mother's Day....... All of us girls went to Mimi's Cafe for breakfast (which was delicious) then we all went shopping at the mall. It had been a really long time since all of us hung out together and I have missed it! I really want to try to get together at least every few months. Anyways, I also found out that my beautiful sister is pregnant YAY! She just found out she is having a boy which is the first boy in our family. I am really excited to have a nephew especially because we need some testosterone in this family haha! My sister and brother in law officially moved here to Utah! I never thought they would live here, but it's really nice to have them close by. Katrina is due anytime now with my other nephew (two nephews in one year, so cool)! Super excited to meet this little guy:) Tom and I made a little night away to Park City which was a nice little break from parenthood. We went to this delicious restaurant that had live country music (not my favorite music, but I can always appreciate peoples talents and passion for music). Then we met some really nice people at our hotel bar and chatted with them for a while. The next morning we went shopping at the outlets then went and saw the Avengers (amazing movie)! It was a simple trip, but it was exactly what I needed!  My mom and dad watched Azlynn and they survived the 24 hours with her!!

As for Azlynn.... Well I found out that I have a talent at jinxing myself when it comes to Azzie. I was telling my sis in law that we've never had to take Azzie to the doctors for any sickness and low and behold that night she ran a fever of 103 degrees. The next day it dropped a little, but it stuck around for 3 days. She didn't have any other symptoms so I didn't worry much until I called her doctor's office. Well they were worried because she didn't have any other symptoms so they wanted us to bring her in. So we brought her in and they did some invasive tests and looked her over and they just decided she had caught a virus. Well we found out she had Roseola which is common for kids under 3. Well in my mind since they didn't give her any medicine and she fought it off on her own, we still have had a dang healthy child especially considering all the things this kid puts in her mouth haha! Another thing that I jinxed myself with was that I have been wondering when she was going to get more teeth and I had been talking about it for a few weeks then I noticed she had a molar coming in. Well 1 molar turned into 3 and then that turned into 3 molars and 2 front teeth. Wowza 5 teeth coming in at the same time! Geeze I guess I spoke too soon. Well luckily she's not a very fussy teether so it hasn't been bad. Well anyways, Azlynn now will dance for me if you sing the dance song that I made up. It's super cute. She is still in love with Jimmy Fallon and she now loves the show Yo gabba gabba. I am learning to speak her language which is super hard, but I'm pretty sure she can say outside, what's that, no and juice. Again it is in her own language so I could be completely wrong haha. She is getting smarter everyday and she is now becoming very particular with what she likes and dislikes. She had such a strong personality and is super independent. I am very interested in what her personality with be like when she gets older. She has her fathers patience which if you know her father then you know what kind of patience that is ;) and she has her mothers fearlessness which i guess is payback for all the dangerous stuff I did as a kid! She is absolutely amazing and constantly entertaining. Welp that's all I have to say.......

Big yawn

Love her attitude while she's wearing Tom's hat

She can't stop smiling when she's on the swing

These beautiful and amazing ladies in my life at our Mother's Days breakfast